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Paintball Gear Bags & Backpacks - Everyone needs a safe and organized way to store their paintball gear, on the way to the field. Whether you want gear bags, gun cases, or backpacks, Black Friday Paintball has the right setup for you. We recommend specialized paintball gear bags and paintball backpacks because they are customized to hold all of the items that the paintball enthusiast carries – with specially designed and padded sections for safely storing your gun, tank, and mask. You can store and carry your gear all in one safe and stylish place, with a variety of sizes and colors.

  • Dye Paintball Gear Bag: The Dye paintball gear bag is one of the largest and most expensive paintball gear bags on the market. Typically the Dye paintball gear bag comes in two different sizes: a complete paintball gear bag with a top and bottom half called the Navigator, and a smaller gear bag designed to carry one set of your own personal paintball gear, called the Explorer.

  • Empire Paintball Gear Bag: Available in a range of sizes, The Empire paintball gear bag will suit players with any amount of paintball gear, from a lot to a little. The Empire gear bag features enough compartments to provide safe and secure storage and hauling of all your paintball gear and accessories.

  • Planet Eclipse Gear Bag: These bags are designed FOR paintball players BY paintball players. With a wide variety of sizes and an equally wide price range, you can’t miss with The Planet Eclipse paintball gear bag.