Bunkerkings Fly Compression Knee Pads

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Bunkerkings Fly Compression Knee Pads are constructed from four-way, moisture wicking stretch fabric that moves with and protects your body during dives, crawling and impacts. Lightweight Air Hex pad technology completely eliminates the bulk from wearing traditional pads. Run, dive, crouch, and crawl without restrictions.

Variable Air Hex Technology keeps the Fly pads lightweight, breathable, and most importantly allows natural movement while the pads freely flex to protect the impact zones on your body. The individual Air Hex layers are designed with variable thickness from a mere 6 to 8mm thick, depending on the impact protection zone.

Restriction Free, Minimalist Padding

If you want to walk on the field feeling slow and indestructible like Robbocop, or prepare for every game like you’re going to take a baseball bat to the knees, these aren’t the pads for you. If you love the idea of pads, but hate the bulk and restrictions that come with them, search no more. Fly pads are designed with Air Hex Technology is perfectly positioned to protect from impacts or dives without any restrictions on your natural movement.

Light Compression Fit

Fly Pads are the lightest pads on the market, and designed with a light compression that won’t leave you feeling like a stuffed sausage every time you put them on. Lightweight to transport in your gearbag, simple to put on, and when you’re ready to take them off, just slide them off inside out until you’re ready to go play again.

Moisture Wicking Skin Savers

Wear your Fly pads all day without the pain of binding and pinching fabrics that absorb sweat and irritate your skin. The entire surface of the Fly pad is smooth to the skin, and constructed from a moisture wicking lycra that doesn’t absorb sweat, but quickly moves sweat to the outer surface of the pad, keeping you dry and cool at the same time.

Variable 6-8mm Air Hex Padded Knee Protection
Extended length to protect your skin from cuts, abrasions and keep you cool and dry.
Natural Comfortable Fit
Flat Lock Seams
Stay Cool and Dry
Increased Movement & Flexibility
Designed as a lightweight protective performance base layer.
Machine Wash Cold. Hang Dry.

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