Tippmann Cronus Tactical Beginner Package Kit

Marker Color: Tan
Beginner Tactical Package: Cory's Pick



This Tippmann Cronus Tactical package makes it easy for you to choose all the best gear in one spot! The Cronus is a fantastic choice for an entry level tactical marker as it is light weight and super durable. Instead of just pairing it with the cheapest options, we have asked our in-store staff to hand select what they would suggest to customers. With this, you are getting items that you will be happy with longer and not feel like you need to upgrade or replace after the first use. Your mask will be more comfortable and not fog up on you, your tank will be refillable and able to be used at paintball parks and your loader will feed consistent!

Paintball packages 'Mix and Match' staff picks

Cory’s Staff Pick Includes:
  • Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Marker

Cory: The Cronus Tactical is not only very reliable, but it requires minimal maintenance and it is very affordable!

  • 48/3000 HPA Air Tank (Brand May Vary)

Cory: Compressed air is what is used at all paintball fields, so getting this 48/3000 tank filled is very easy!

  • 200 Round Black Dye Proto Primo Hopper - Black

Cory: The Proto Primo has a sleek design of this hopper in conjunction with the internal shelf help to avoid over crowding and provides reliable feeding for a gravity fed hopper.

  • HK Army HSTL Goggle System - Black

Cory: The HK Army HSTL Goggle utilizes an addition strap that sits on the top of the head to help avoid it from falling down, which is great for kids!

  • Tippmann Connex Coiled Remote Line w/ Quick Disconnect

Cory: Putting a tank on the back of your marker adds alot of weight, and for kids it may be difficult to hold that up for too long, so utilizing a remote line helps to keep things light!

  • Tippmann 4+1 Sport Series Paintball Harness - Black (Pods not included)

Cory: The tippmann 4+1 pod pack gives you a place to put your tank and plenty of room for paint to keep you on the field for more games!

Dufort’s Staff Pick Includes:
  • Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Marker

Dufort: If you like the tactical look, this is the perfect choice as it is affordable, lightweight and looks super cool on the field!

  • 48/3000 HPA Air Tank (Brand May Vary)

Dufort: Compressed air is more consistent and won't freeze up on you in the winter like Co2 does when it's cold out.

  • Protoyz Speedster Paintball Loader - Black

Dufort: This loader is battery powered so it's going to feed extremely fast and smooth.

  • Empire Helix Paintball Goggles w/ Thermal Lens - Black

Dufort: This mask is extremely comfortable and with the thermal lens it won't fog up on you in the cold weather. Plus it's easy to find replacement lenses when the time comes.

  • Tippmann Connex Coiled Remote Line w/ Quick Disconnect

Dufort: This is a great option to reduce the weight on your gun by moving the tank to your back, this is a high quality line that will have no problem handling the air output pressure.

  • Tippmann 4+1 Sport Series Paintball Harness - Black (Pods not included)

Dufort: Tippmann makes a great entry level harness, not only will this hold 4 pods of paintballs, but will also hold your tank.

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