How Much Should I Look At Spending On An Entry Level Paintball Gun For A Beginner?

While paintball is an amazing rush that often leads to a lifetime of safe, enjoyable play, the game of paintball doesn’t require a first-time player to buy a paintball gun to test the waters. All professional paintball playing parks and fields offer equipment for rent, including paintball guns, which will enable a new player to try the game without making a long-term investment. That said, if you’ve already tried paintball and are hooked, it might be time to consider an entry-level paintball gun. Generally, new entry-level paintball guns shouldn’t cost more than $150. These are often sold as packages or Ready-To-Play Kits with all the necessary accessories to play the game, like an inexpensive set of goggles, a hopper and an Co2 bottle. While their performance won’t set any records or turn too many heads, most entry-level paintball guns will do what they need to do- shoot paintballs affordably and help new players get safely hooked on an amazing new game!