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Following up on the heels of the extremely popular loader the Spire III Virtue are now bring us the Virtue Spire IV paintball loader

New Proactive feeding logic that works more reliably. Virtue iFI wireless integration with compatible markers. Upgraded cosmetics. Toolless electronics for easy N-Charge battery pack installation.

Spire IV Proactive Logic:
The Spire IV features all new proactive feeding logic, now your Spire IV will start feeding the instant the first shot is fired. It allows for automatic continues feeding without relying on constant sensor readings until the stack is full. Unlike previous Spire models, which required continuous sensor readings from every shot, this technology makes the Spire IV even more reliable. The Proactive Logic is the same proven technology incorporated into the CTRL loader, which works more consistently and reliably on every type of marker.

Spire IV iFI Wireless Technology:
The Spire IV has been upgraded to work with the Virtue Ace wireless iFI platform. This new feeding technology allows for a tight integration between the loader and the gun and also maintains backwards compatibility on guns without iFI technology using the new Proactive Feeding logic pioneered on the CTRL loader.

When the Spire IV is paired with the Virtue Ace or iFI compatible boards, the loader maintains constant communication with the marker's eyes which allows for significant improvements as both the gun and the loader are now synced together for faster and more consistent feeding, stopping and idle performance. And if the gun's eyes are turned off, dirty or if the Spire IV is used on a different gun, the Spire IV automatically transitions to the new proactive feeding mode, which will automatically feed with every shot until the stack is full.

Spire IV Upgraded Cosmetics:
The Spire IV has a new upgraded color ring around the side which has been injected with a stronger more reliable glass filled nylon to help to help differentiate the Spire IV and give this latest model a new look. In addition, the side badges now feature injected Virtue logos, rather than a sticker badge.

Spire IV Toolless N-Charge:
Near the end of the Spire III production the circuit board was upgraded to allow for plug-n-play toolless installation of the N-Charge battery pack. Now, all Spire IVs will come with the electronics designed to install the Virtue N-Charge without the use of any tools.

Hinged Shell Technology - Lambo Doors:
The Spire IV hinged shell design makes changing batteries or cleaning the loader easier than ever. There’s improved durability at the same time by combining the top shell, back shell and bottom shell into a single hinge-mounted unit. You can now just unlock the shell with the press of a button, and the high strength glass-filled nylon hinge provides one-handed access to the entire inside of the loader.

Quick Change Speed Feed:
The Spire IV lid can be replaced with the best speedfeed in paintball in seconds. You can choose from the Spire CrownSF II or the Bunkerkings NTR. Each design features fingers mounted on a spring, for the ultimate combination of feeding performance, paint retention, and sag-proof reliability.

Wireless Programming:
The Spire IV features wireless programming directly from an Apple or Android device. Download and update the Spire IV with the latest firmware or just always have your manual with you. With the Virtue Paintball + app, you can not only control your Spire IV, but continue to control and update your Spire III, Clock III chrono, and the all new Virtue Ace iFI board.

Integrated Smart Spring Ramp:
The Spire IV comes standard with a larger Smart Spring Ramp that helps feed at a variety of angles, while also interfacing with the Spire IV Reload Indicator to alert you when you’re low on paint.

Dual LED Reload Indicator with Alarm:
The Smart Spring Ramp allows the loader to automatically sense when it is low on paint and notify you through a combination of adjustable audible speaker alarm and an Dual Heads Up LED Indicators.

Faster Jam Proof Feeding:
The Spire IV Drive system and Proactive Logic feeds more consistently than ever while still being able to feed the worst paintballs imaginable without skipping a beat.

Toolless Tray and Electronics Disassembly:
Not only can the Spire be disassembled in seconds, but now the tray and raceway itself and circuit board on the Spire IV can be disassembled for service and easy cleaning without using any tools.

Brittle Paint Performance:
The Spire IV is designed to feed the most fragile paint imaginable. With flexible rubber fingers it can gently feed brittle paint with ease. The interior of the loader is designed with smooth surfaces to help prevent breakage from paint turbulence.

Interchangeable Spire Drive Fingers:
The Spire IV flexible fingers are co-molded to a quick release ring making their removal for cleaning or maintenance easier.

Magnetically Attached Spire Drive:
The Spire IV Drive is attached by a smooth magnetic surface on the top of the drive, making it easier to remove and install.

WIDTH: 4.1"
HEIGHT: 3.9"
WEIGHT: 16.5oz