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Shocker Paintball guns have been a leader in sleek, high end electronic paintball markers with each model improving upon what came before it. With the Introduction of the Shocker AMP, it is no different. The AMP gives you the ability to use either electronic or mechanical operations by swapping just the frame. Just when you thought the Shocker could not possibly improve on its performance and style, it did with the Shocker AMP!

  • Two-Piece Board Design means fewer moving parts so with an easy swap of the frame you switch between electro and mechanical operations.
  • Further improved valve and bolt efficiency by an astounding 20%
  • Tool free Twist-Lock Bolt, that de-pressurizes the Shocker AMP, revealing the bolt and fire chamber for quick and easy maintenance.
  • Efficiency enhancements lower the operating pressure from 160psi to 110psi, leaving you with an ultra-gentle bolt, perfect for brittle paint.
  • The Vision anti-chop eye system helps to ensure no paintballs can be chopped during standard operation.
  • Tool Free Solenoid Valve Removal. No need for Allen wrenches.
  • Improved water resistance means the Shocker AMP can withstand the harshest of conditions.
  • Fitted, ergonomic grip frame that feels incredible in the hand.
  • Slimline Reg Cover gives the tightest fit as one of the lightest and slimmest tournament markers made to date.
  • Fully integrated into the bolt, the compact QEV module gives fast response and the finest cycle to cycle consistency.