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We are excited to introduce the Planet Eclipse Geo 4 paintball gun.

Planet Eclipse has always been at the top, making markers that continuously set the bar higher and higher. Starting with the EGO providing unmatched reliability, ease of use, and comfort for a poppet valve marker. Planet Eclipse later brought those same key features into an all new platform, the GEO, which brought everything they were known for and more into a spool valve platform. The GEO had been the marker of choice for many years, helping many teams and players win tournaments, championships, and awards.

The GEO 4 brings the ever popular GEO platform up to date with features we have become accustomed to on other markers, while still using some of the features that made it so popular. The GEO IV markers are sure to perform perfectly under pressure at the highest levels.

The IV Core changed the game with its reliability and ease of use. By the simple turn of the Solenoid Flow Restrictor (SFR) you can customize the shot quality for high rates of fire or an incredibly smooth shot. With the closed bolt design, the GEO 4 is able to deliver incredible efficiency, simple maintenance, and unbelievable paint handling with its soft tip bolt.

The ability to tear down your marker on the fly can be critical with only mere minutes in between points. The GEO IV utilizing a hose-less design and having toolless access to most of the major components such as the IV Core, circuit board, break beam eyes, detents, and batteries help to ensure that you can be ready for the next point as soon as possible. When it comes to doing a more in-depth tear down, Planet Eclipse has simplified removing the GEO 4 frame from the body with a wireless interface between these two major components.

Comfortability and ergonomics are always a key factor in a paintball marker, and Planet Eclipse have provided a perfect stretched out feel with a grip angle that remains compact and comfortable on the GEO 4. The placement of the foregrip provides plenty of space for movement or space to hold. The grips natural and comfortable feel in combination with the light weight body make the GEO 4 exceptionally nimble, maneuverable, and instantly recognizable to anyone that has used previous models of this legendary platform.

Get your Planet Eclipse Geo 4 paintball gun from today!

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Over the past 20 years Planet Eclipse have been slowly building up their reputations as one of the best brands in paintball. The company started out only making high-end tournament level autococker paintball guns, but as technology and manufacturing improved Eclipse ventured out into the electronic gun space and they quickly become one of paintballs premier brands. Planet Eclipse not offer all types of paintball guns from the mag-fed EMG100 to the entry level marker the Emek Eclipse have all your bases covered.